Episodic versus sequential

Sorry if this has been covered before I’ve had a quick skim though but couldn’t find anything on it.

Could we get a Episodic / Sequential toggle for each podcast? Defaulting to episodic

Basically its annoying that sequential podcast are arranged backwards
For me it only really bbc limelight (great show btw) and there released in blocks so i don’t think it to complicated

Or is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for any thoughts and keep up the great work guys

I’ve just tried subscribing to Limelight and then sorted the episodes by Date (Old → New) using the 3 dots menu.

This arranges the episodes in the correct order.


Nice I’ve never done or thought of doing that! Long way to the bottom tho, still be nice to have them the right way around in the episode page

Just keep exploring. AntennaPod has many helpful features.

What do you mean?

It has indeed be discussed (at length) before - but maybe not here on the forum. Here are the previous discussions (particularly the first one, about the auto-downloading):

The tag the RSS feed itunes:type could be used to for this: it has the options Episodic (default) and Serial (see the documentation for more information).

Maybe a first step could be the following:

  • introduce a toggle at the level of podcasts (as you mention);
  • parse the information in the feed (from the aforementioned tag);
  • set the toggle to Serial if applicable; and
  • set the sorting Old → New for Serial podcasts.

This still wouldn’t address auto-downloading (which is rather complex matter). But it’s a start. And your main issue was the display, right, @podboi01 (not auto-download)?


I personally don’t care about downloads but yea that sounds like a can of worms

Just be cool to start at episode 1 and it play the right one next

Somebody else posted i can do this via the podcast page and then reversing the order this is quite a few extra steps and I’m lazy and i mostly just go to the episode page.

I need to read more those links you sent

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This is also not possible yet. For this we have a separate ticket on GitHub (our code development platform): Continuous playback if initiated from podcast screen (+ reversed) · Issue #1533 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

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Ok you guys have been over this a lot, I’ve learn of a way to get around this do can’t complain

Keep up the good work

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You could use Rewind to achieve this. You can even specify which episode to start with and how frequently to download the next episode. There are several other options.

It would be better if this was done in app, but using the rewind website does work (with any podcast player).

I was also looking for this for auto-downloading as I have a few podcasts with over 100 episodes and am starting at the beginning with each. I did find the sort order by date (old->new) which is at least helping for manual downloading.

Certainly, once you’re up-to-date the latest episode download makes sense. This could be quite a killer feature for anyone wanting to start listening to any older podcast series.

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