Error in statistics for Greek language

Hello everyone

So in the statistics section, just below the chart with the hours played, the String that says about the dates played (Played between %1$s and %2$s) is too long and it overrides the chart making it difficult to read. There were also falsely added the numbers 1 and 2 just before the dates, and it always showed “between 1 March 2024 and 2 May 2024” even if today is not 2 of May (so it basically displays wrong data). So in the transifex page I deleted the unecessary numbers that create confusion but the length of the String remains a problem. I was thinking to add a “\n” character just after “between” (in Greek) in the strings.xml file to have two lines so it can be easier to read and more good-looking. Of course this would solve only the problem for Greek, but if we want to fix this for more languages we need to follow a different approach (maybe add a constraint about the string length?). Anyway I want to know what do you think about my approach. If I misunderstood anything please let me know. Thanks !!