Every feed shows invalid file type

Antenna pod version;
2.1.2 (a87cec5d2) from Google play

Android 8.1

BlackBerry key2LE

Expected behaviour:

RSS feeds update
Current behaviour:

All feeds give error “invalid file type”
First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)

Started evening of February 12th
Steps to reproduce:

Refresh feeds
Get error
(All feeds have been in use for several months)

Environment: there has been no changes to any apps, equipment, networks used, etc. Fails on mobile and Wi-Fi.
last update was Jan 1st according to Google play
Android has not been altered/updated in several months
All feeds previously working xml or RSS
All feeds give invalid file type error in download log


[if available]

Hi! Do you use a VPN or an ad blocker?

I use neither
I’m not sure if this is causation or correlation but all 52 feeds just succeeded. The only change I’ve made on the phone since posting 8 hours ago was deleting a few things from photos and old message threads.
I’m unclear as to why low storage would trigger an invalid code… But perhaps that was the case. I’ll update if anything changes but at present I’m no longer able to recreate the condition that had been occurring for aprox 48 hours prior

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