Export my playlist from Beyondpod?

I’ve managed to export my subscriptions but is there anyway I can move my playlist over too? It’s a few hundred strong and I’m not ready to let it go just yet.
Would appreciate any help in migrating over so look forward to your thoughts!

Short answer, no. You can only import your subscription list.

Beyondpod (in contrast to Google Podcasts) has a full export feature. So it is theoretically possible. I do not know any tool that actually converts the databases, though.

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I tried to rename the files (.dB file from Beyondpod)and imported into Antennapod. It told me it imported successfully and Antennapod restarted. I then get the loading icon but nothing happens

Yeah, that’s expected. Those are entirely different file formats. As I said, I don’t know of any program that can convert the files.

I tried Chatgpt but it wouldn’t play along. I guess Ive no choice for now!

Dont know if this interests anyone but this is what Chatgpt spat out when i fed it a beyondpod.db.autobak file (i removed the autobak to just .db)

Probably mostly you, but that’s enough for a forum thread. :slight_smile:

Wow! You got ChatGPT to not hallucinate and actually give a possible reasonably true answer. That’s a first!

The way you should understand that output is that Beyondpod seems to, just like AntennaPod, use an SQLite database for storing information. That is, they both use the same technology. However the formats are, as previously stated, completely different.

If you’re up for a challenge, I believe you should be able to do a rudimentary conversion of your listening history if you gave it a full weekend or two. It would probably definitely be quicker to manually copy your playlist, but which task is more rewarding?!? Learning the basics of Structured Query Language is worthwhile in itself, and gives insight into how essentially all data storage of this civilization actually is constructed.

In the past I’ve answered a somewhat similar question. Feel free to have a look at that answer, and see if you’re prepared to take a dive down into the technology. Let us know if you get any questions while attempting it.


Unfortunately i do not have the skill (or currently, time) to learn this but i wish i did! :slight_smile:
In Antennapod ive tried to compile a playlist and look for the file without success but If i knew the format the playlist is generated i could ask ChatGPT to replicate my Beyondpod playlist to a similiar format. Worth a try at least :slight_smile: