Export Queue? Storage Locatioin?

App version: 2.6.2. (F-Droid)
Android version: 11 (LineageOS)
Device model: Aquaris BQ pro

I was looking for ways to share my queue with 50+ files with another device but I neither can’t find any export button nor the file location of the playlist.
All I can see is the AntennaPod folder with downloaded episodes.
There must be some other location where the actual settings are stored but I can’t see them. Where is it?

EDIT I don’t want to export the actual files, I’m after the list!

Why do you want to share the queue? Because you have a new phone?

Thanks for replying. It’s because I wanna have the same queue across my devices. As I said it’s 50+ files in a certain order. I often create playlists like that and play them on Logitech Media Server. But LMS doesn’t export queues either and then how would I import them to AntennaPod.

The same queue, but not the same state of episodes (played, unplayed, favorite, etc)? You can import/export AntennaPod’s entire database

How would I export the database?

In settings / storage and import /export you have options to export database or subscriptions

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Thanks I found it, copied it and am able to have a look at the DB in SQLite. However the queue consists only of the numbers of the original files that I have to then check against a list of 7000 files. This seems infeasible.

You could get a list of the filenames of downloaded items in the queue with a query like this against the SQLite DB:

SELECT fm.file_url
FROM FeedMedia fm INNER JOIN Queue q ON fm.feeditem = q.feeditem

This gives an entry like /storage/0123-4567/Android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/media/BlahCast/blah.mp3 for each downloaded queue item.

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Thanks for the advice! I will try this tomorrow!

Aren’t you looking for synchronisation functionality, then? There’s actually a feature request about this on the platform where our app development happens: synchronization should sync "queue" · Issue #6036 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

Keeping the queue synchronised manually every time sounds like a hell of a job. If you were just talking about a one-time thing, you can indeed import your database on any other AntennaPod installation, and the queue will be available too.

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Thank you. I managed to download the queue-list as described by pg_tips.
@keunes: Yeah, I am looking for syncing and I don’t know how to achieve it. The key problem though is that I listen to podcasts a lot through Logitech Media Server which does not provide any sync tool whatsoever and is kind of dated when it comes to podcasts. But what can I do?

Well, as mentioned there’s a feature request for queue syncing in AntennaPod, so it’s currently not possible.

Also, if you’re trying to sync with the Logitech Media Server: I looked around a bit on its website and apart from an RSS plugin I didn’t really see a podcast or synchronisation app. So you’d probably have to get someone to develop a plugin the functionality you want (or do it yourself).

(But given that you probably have your phone and thus your podcasts/podcast app always with you, I’m wondering why you would play through the LMS?)

Hi Keunes, I listen through LMS because it is connected to my stereo and this is way more comfortable than connecting the phone.
But the plugin for LMS really isn’t very good. I don’t think this situation will be fixed. But still I couldn’t have come up with anything better for listening to music files at home and a podcast extension fits in nicely.
I guess I could try Volumio or RuneAudio, but I don’t know if they provide podcast functionality either.

Have you considered buying a Chromecast? I got mine (used) for 15€. Using Chromecast, you can play AntennaPod episodes directly on your stereo.

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