Exporting favourites fails

Hi! I’ve just come across the export options for subscribtions and favourites.
The subscribtion export seems to work, but when I try to export my favourites, it only shows episodes from 4 podcasts. Is this a known problem?

Hi @erik
It does work for me. Which AntennaPod version are you running, and from where (F-Droid, Google play)?

Version 2.3.2 (latest version) from the /e/-os appstore.

Hi @erik
I just tried again on my installation (2.4.0 from Google Play) and for me 3 episodes are not included in the export:

I don’t see a possible logic behind specifically these being excluded.

For the ones of which you miss in your export, do you have the podcast itself listed (without the episode) or not even that?


Thanks for trying to help. I also updated to 2.4.0.
I have ~200 podcasts listed, and hundreds of favourite episodes.
Currently, my ‘favourites export’ only shows 4 podcasts, and for 1 podcast it doesn’t show the episode(s), just the title. I have no idea what is going wrong.

Interesting. Exporting the favorites seems to work fine on my device. Could one of you send me a database export, so I can try it on my device? My email address is info@<my username>.com. Note that the database content contains pretty personal information (like the listening history), so feel free to refuse :slight_smile:

Email sent - db is pretty big so let me know if it arrived properly.

For me, the favorites export using your database crashes the whole app when it looks at the “Met Nerds om Tafel” item. All following items are then not exported, obviously, which are exactly the ones you are missing. Don’t you get an “AntennaPod crashed” message?

Anyway, I fixed the crash and now see all favorite episodes from your database.

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Interestingly I don’t see anything crash, while I do now see a crash log in the Report Bug area.