Exporting files?

Hi all! Since moving to Android 13 with storage spaces, making program directories inaccessible to outside applications, some software (specifically the open source game console emulator Dolphin) has added an “export data” option to migrate save and configuration files to a directory where they can be accessed.

I used to keep backups of every podcast I’ve downloaded on my server - so I was wondering if there was any interest in adding a function to do something similar to Dolphin - create an “Export podcast data” function that would simply copy all / a selected number / the podcasts added since the last export was done.

I’m sure this would be pretty tricky, but I just thought I’d throw it out into the aether.

Take care, everyone! Have a good day, and thanks for reading.

At least on my phone, I can access the private “scoped storage” areas by plugging it into a PC

I had tried that before but didn’t find the files, so either it didn’t work, or maybe I was looking in the wrong spot…I’ll try again later today!

Should be /sdcard/Android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod/Files/Media if I remember correctly

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Ah! that was it - I was looking in the Internal storage directory. Embarrasing! Thank you very much. I’m going to use FreeFileSync with it as an mtp device, instead of syncthing as before. I love how functional FOSS software is.

ES file explorer shows the Android folder. I tried it and I have access to all the podcasts downloaded in mp3 format at the path ByteHamster wrote.

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Hi Aman, thanks for your input!

It seems for ES (software i used to use but now use Amaze instead), the latest versions of which I assume are needed to address the scoped storage issue, are so plagued by monetization that it is almost unusable. It will actually not even load the interface if it’s unable to connect to the internet to display an ad. Tested using Karma FW. Thanks for the recommendation, it will likely be useful in a pinch, but I can’t leave software like that installed regularly. I’m guessing that even if it can view those directories, they’re read only anyway? Or do you know it to be otherwise? If so, then I may keep an apk locally and install as needed… thanks again for the heads up! There really ought to be a developer option in Android to disable this security feature.

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Hi! I’ve been using ES explorer for a while and it’s not only readable but also allows writing in Android directories.

It’s not monetisation riddled (I use adblock dns so I haven’t had any ads) and if you’re comfortable with mod apks, you can get one :slight_smile:

Your security concern with not keeping such app installed are very valid. For the time you need it, it’s as easy as giving the app access to Android folder (which is spontaneous)

And indeed,having a developer option to access hidden directory would be blessing. Android has been closing itself off too much lately and it’s disgusting.

Have a good day!

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Thanks again for your follow-up Aman! I have been using cloudflare dns - why did I not think about adblock dns? I’ll test it out! Speaking of which, simple wall is a good gui firewall interface for windows with good default blocklists, just to share with any future readers.

Thanks all for your help! I’ll consider the topic closed…

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