Exporting statistics


I would like to export my listening statistics in numerical form. Is this possible? I didn’t find a button within the app on the statistics screen. I also exported the database to see if I could find it there or recreate it from scratch but there doesn’t seem to be any listening data at all.

The statistics are in the database export. Every episode (FeedItem) has a column for the duration that it was listened to.

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Thanks for the reply. I fetched the “FeedItems” table, but there doesn’t seem like there’s anything to do with duration. These are the column names I see:

> colnames(a)
 [1] "id"                  "title"              
 [3] "content_encoded"     "pubDate"            
 [5] "read"                "link"               
 [7] "description"         "payment_link"       
 [9] "media"               "feed"               
[11] "has_simple_chapters" "item_identifier"    
[13] "flattr_status"       "image_url"          
[15] "auto_download"   

Here are the available tables:

[1] "DownloadLog"      "Favorites"        "FeedItems"       
[4] "FeedMedia"        "Feeds"            "Queue"           
[7] "SimpleChapters"   "android_metadata" "sqlite_sequence"

What am I missing? I am not very familiar with SQL so I might have a blind spot.

Oh, I think it might be in the FeedMedia table. Each FeedItem has a corresponding FeedMedia row, linked by the ID.

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It was in FeedMedia, thanks!

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