Failed "podtrac" download attacked my phone

dts.podtrac.c0m -->redirected to ads.chtbl.c0m caused continous downloading and vibration notifications on my Moto G7 running LineageOS. It may be because chtble.c0m is currently offline, or possibly blockada flagged it via hosts proxy, but it really shouldn’t be allowed to retry like this.

**Is there a way to prevent the system from retrying indefinitely and running the phone down when a “secondary?” download fails? ** Or was this an attack of some kind.

Thank you for your time and all things FOSS!

BTW I do consider all redirects and tracking to be attacks.

chtble hosts podcasts but is blocked by blockada. You either have to disable blockada for AntennaPod or remove that podcast.

The endless retries will probably be fixed in AntennaPod 2.2.0. Until then, you can disable auto download for that podcast.

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Thanks. It was annoying and the retries was why I reached out in the first place. The rest was frustration. I went back and looked harder and tracked down the podcast it was from and turned off auto downloads. Good to know a fix is in the works. Also, Blockada doesn’t appear to be blocking it because a browser also would not go to the site. I think the site was down this morning.