Fast-forward does not work near end of episode when using variable speed

When using variable speed, the getPosition() function begins to return incorrect values. This leads to the current position being greater than the duration of the file. This causes fast-forward to fail to work when you are at the end of the episode. It will instead send you backward slightly.

This is an annoyance because sometimes I want to skip the last couple minutes or so, but I don’t always want to do this. So, using the automatic skip feature to skip the last N seconds of each episode is not the right solution.

I’ve been able to work around this issue by setting “Smart Mark As Played” to a value greater-or-equal to the fast-forward time. Thus, if I reach the last 15 seconds of the episode and AntennaPod won’t skip forward anymore, I can just tap the Skip Episode button and the episode will A) be marked as played, B) the episode file will be automatically deleted.

However, this workaround is only available when I have my phone in front of me. For example, If I am outside doing yard work, I rely on my bluetooth earbuds to skip forward, and this bug prevents me from skipping to the end of the episode.

Here’s the GitHub issue I have opened for this, which includes the troubleshooting I have done and shows the log entries I added for troubleshooting purposes:

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