Favorite podcast apps to replace Google one

There is an article on 9to5Google about recommended podcast app to replace Google Podcasts.
Pocket Casts is first and AntennaPod is listed as the runner up.



In the video he actually mentions AntennaPod first too. Being a former Pocket Casts user for many years, I sometimes wonder if the reason people stick with PC over AP these days is primarily syncing, followed by maybe discoverability? Syncing isn’t really an issue for me as I only listen to podcasts on my phone. Discoverability isn’t as “robust” as PC but the most popular podcasts (at least according to Apple Podcasts) are easily accessible in AP.

PC made a number of UI/app logic changes and price changes over the last several years that just didn’t make me happy with the app.

One of the primary reasons I switched from PC to AP is because PC was pretty noticeable, particularly with a few specific daily podcasts, in the delay between a new episode being available and PC actually knowing about it and making it available. I believe it’s because they use a centralized service for refreshing podcasts versus just having the app use the direct RSS feed for the podcast. Regardless, I have very specific times for when I listen to podcasts based on my work schedule and having episodes not show up as soon as they are available even via a manual refresh just didn’t work with my use case very well.


While I currently only listen to podcasts on one device, my phone, when I did have several devices synchronization between devices was crucial, and one of the few reasons for me not switching from Google Podcasts previously.

While gpodder.net and Nextcloud are present, gpodder is overwhelmed as a service and Nextcloud is not a real option for many who are a) not technically inclined and b) not having access to Nextcloud server.

That said, almost all who use AP do have Google Drive, and it would be easier for the average user to do synchronization via GD, but could also be done via Dropbox or other sync services.

Your headline intrigued me because I couldn’t figure out how a podcast app would replace Google One. Then I realized you meant Google Podcasts. :grin:

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First of all, thanks @Matth78 for sharing that link! I’ve posted it on our socials, and seems to be doing quite well. People saying “you’re my number one” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

X: https://twitter.com/antennapod/status/1775415940466856258?t=1wAx0ZZq2zSyxsDwX0Gy_w&s=19
Bluesky: @antennapod.bsky.social on Bluesky
Mastodon: AntennaPod: "We're runner-up in the "best podcast app" vote by…" - Fosstodon

Wow, I had scrolled over it as if it were an ad. Thanks for mentioning this. That’s really great :slight_smile:

Synchronisation unfortunately cannot be done through Google Drive – the system isn’t made for it. Please see here for technical details: Suggestion: add more services for synchronization · Issue #2586 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

We are well aware and are involved in a new initiative to enable podcast sync. It’s going slow because we need different parties involved (otherwise who do we synchronise with…). It’s on www.openpodcastapi.org


Thanks for sharing @Matth78 !

AntennaPod is the steady app that will be a winner for users who care about no ads, no data tracking, simple and powerful.


Ahh, very well, I knew if it was easy and worked well, it would be done. Although maybe it could be an option for those that want it, although the end user experience would probably be negative, and resources better applied to a great experience.

That’s great! I hope progress is swift. Thanks!