Favourite all downloads? No playlist option

Hi all,

I have around 100gb of downloaded pods, and having changed phones the app no longer finds the files on disk. I know I could try to update the database to find the files, but I could do with freeing up that space anyway. However I want to save this “To Listen” list.

So I figure a more easy option would be to favourite all the episodes so I can download them as needed, but multi-select doesn’t have that option.

Another option is to add a new podcast from a local folder with the 100gb of pods inside, then delete the files and just keep the list in-app as a podcast. But it only shows the episode title without the podcast name, and it’s not linked to the real podcast so I would have to search for each episode to download.

I suppose I could just clear the Antenna data folder and keep them in the downloaded list, but that’s a bit confusing.

Any ideas what other methods I could use to save this lovely list of selected pods?

Thanks :slight_smile: