Feature to keep the overview

Hi together, it would be great If we could sort in own ore some given categories hier. It would realy help to keep the overview.

Good job

Kind regards homeri

You can add tags to your subscriptions to organize the list

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Hi ByteHamsrer

thank you for your info.

But were is the place where I can do this? Ore is it just in the english version?

Thanks again

Long-press a subscription and click “edit tags”

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When you add tags than I can organise it yes its true. But it become with more folders and as a result it is more confusing at the end

You can un-check the setting “show in main list” to only have subscriptions in the folders but not outside.

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Hi ByteHamster

Thank you for helping. But it is still dissatisfying.
It get some time for pursist. If this would be a little bit clear, the app would be perfect

I see that you have marked this thread as a feature request, but it seems to have handled more like a support request. Maybe that misunderstanding came from you skipping to provide some information requested in the post template?

Your idea is a good one. Thanks for suggesting it! I doubt we will see drag’n’drop-sorting added any time soon though.

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Yes. Thank you for your info.