File formats

Hello all,

I discovered AntennaPod thanks to an Italian website dealing with open source software (AntennaPod, la migliore app per ascoltare podcast - Le Alternative) and it’s amazing!!

While trying to add from local folder, I saw that some file formats aren’t read: I searched a list of file formats but didn’t find.

Could you just give indication? I could be useful to have them listed in FAQ.

Thank you!

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Hi! AntennaPod adds all files that your system detects as audio files. What file formats are you missing?

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But now I realized that that file I have on the phone is for online streaming, so it may not properly be considered an audio file.

Yeah, pls is a playlist that contains links to media files. It is not a media file itself.

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Back on this topic: a podcast I follow has loaded an episode in .m4a format (Dove andrebbe la mia distrazione se mi concentrassi? | Tommi Space)

Phone’s player is able to recognise it as media file, but AP does not play it.

AntennaPod does support m4a files. What is the exact feed url? What error message do you get?

The feed is Sconnesso

I don’t get any error message: AP correctly downoad the episode file and even starts playing it if I press play, simply I don’t hear anything

AntennaPod can play all files that your Android system can decode. That file uses an ALAC codec in an MP4 container. ALAC is not officially supported by Android and I have never seen a podcast that uses it. I am pretty sure that other podcast players will also have trouble playing that file. Maybe you could write the podcast creators and ask them to use a more common codec such as mp3. Unless we ship our own audio decoder (which would make the app size at least 5 times bigger), there is nothing much we can do here.