Files suddenly not visible

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)

Android version: 5.x (Please mention if you are using a custom rom!)

Device model:
Samsung A51

Expected behaviour:
Find media files in Android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/

Current behaviour:
Files invisible

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. This
  2. Then that
  3. Then this
  4. Etc.

Environment: (Settings you have changed (e.g. Auto Download). “Unusual” devices you use (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). Did you select another media player?)
“Upgraded” Android


[if available]

This is a limitation of Android 11. Unfortunately, that Android version does not allow accessing the data folder of apps. See post below

You can access those files with the built in DocumentsUI app. There is no way to launch it manually on a Samsung that I know of without a third party app. I like to use Files by Marc Apps on the Play Store. It is open source, and just creates an app icon that opens the DocumentsUI system file browser. Then you can browse any of those app data folders like before.

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Thx for the suggestion. Unfortunately it still shows no media files. Thus seriously impedes the usefulness of Antennapod. Could you find a work around in the app to keep the information accessible?

Could Antennapod put the media files somewhere accessible?

The problem is that starting with Android 11, apps can no longer read/write arbitrary file locations, even if they have the “external storage” permission. There is a new way to access any files that are not in the app-specific folder but that would require a major rewrite of AntennaPod for rather little gain. Why do you need access to AntennaPod’s internal media folder?

If I were asked that question, I would say that I subscribe to a lot of podcasts that I want to keep after I listen to them (for various reasons, to make the long story short, most of them are not news and they stay relevant). From time to time their files fill my SD card up, so I need to copy them to another disk. The app still allows me to copy the files, of course, but from what I understand now I have to copy each file manually and create a folder for each podcast manually, all of which used to be work done by Antennapod automatically. This complicates my life a lot.

I run a weekly current affairs show and have permission to rebroadcast a lot of podcast content. This frequently involves editing the audio files & routinely involves moving selected files to a storage device so they can be played through our station playlist software. Being denied access to my files is an appalling abuse of power by Android undermining freedom of speech & seriously undermining the usefulness of your otherwise wonderful app.

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For that use-case, wouldn’t it be easier to use a pc based client like gpodder? Then you don’t have to transfer things from your phone.

Sorry for butting in here, but I find all the MP3 files in this location:
There is a separate folder for each subscription