Filter podcast with full episode and part

App version: 2.7.1 (F-Droid)

Android version: 13.x (Custom rom LineageOS 20-20221215 Heor2LTE)

Device model: S7 Edge

Expected behaviour:
Exclude part episode and only download and read full episode

Current behaviour:
All are processed

First occurred: Allways

Steps to reproduce:
Nothing special

Environment: Nothing Special

Maybe related to exclude Filter…

I have a podcast into which there is full episode and part of them. I do not know how to get the whole and exclude the part to avoid duplicated hearing…
Right now, I have automated download and add to the queue. Then I select manually the part, remove from the reading list. Select those and set them as Read so they do not come back later (funny, cannot be done from the reading list, multiple choice… would be nice).

As I cannot have the podcast split so that they provide full in one and part in another, what would be the easiest way with antenna pod to automate that flow?

To be complete, the podcast provide several radio extract, on most of them I want only the part, but one one of them I want the whole and not the part. They all have they own title.
I believed I created a request to filter on size or duration (low and high) but now that I read part for some and whole for other, the filtering would need to be more complex…

For instance, the podcast would be :

  • Radio Program1 full
  • Radio Program1 extract 1
  • Radio Program1 extract 3
  • Radio Program1 extract 2
  • Radio Program2 full
  • Radio Program2 extract 2
  • Radio Program2 extract 1
  • Radio Program2 extract 3
  • Radio Program1 full
  • Radio Program1 extract 1
  • Radio Program1 extract 2
  • Radio Program1 extract 3

I would like all the part of the Radio Program 1 but not the full but I would like the full of radio program 2 but not the part…
And that is roughly sorted by date time, but the part can be in different order dpending on the day and sometime the part before the full!

Just in case somebody has a magic trick…

strong text

do they use consistent episode title words for both the program and full versus extract?

would it instead be worth creating custom rss feeds via say siftrss so you can split this into multiple subscriptions in antennapod

and or combine with antennapod’s episode filter keywords

e.g. use siftrss to split the original feed into two feed for program1 and program2, then apply antennapod’s epsode filter for either full or extract if the episode title has a consistent pattern

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Just recheck and this is that way :
The podcast name is shared by all (“L’humour d’Inter”). But the title can change every time, as it is linked to the day content (in that case “La peche…”)
What is fixed is displayed after the duration : “Le cinema de Thomas Croisiere”
Not sure there is any good solution …

can externally filter an include/exclude against ‘durée : 00:0’ from description)

you could then add the below two custom feed urls in antennapod

episodes under 10 minutes

episodes over 10 minutes

in antennapod you can Rename the two subscriptions as well

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Now that I am checking, I see that every part are also provided as separate feed… So I’ll try to build a bunch of subscriptions which provide what I want in full… instead to have only one subscription with filtering.

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