Filter subscription page the same way individual podcasts are filtered

When looking at episodes for a given podcast they can be filtered by not played and not queued. But this does not bubble up to the subscription page. Instead the subscription page uses the new category which I have never been able to understand or find use for. I tried using new for a while and ended up missing many episodes.

If I have a podcast filtered and it doesn’t show any episodes because all are either played or queued, I don’t want that podcast to show on the subscription list. I only want to see podcasts I need to inspect. The new category does not do this. It is not EXACTLY the same as played+queued for individual podcasts.

Now on my subscription list I have one filter which is “counter greater than zero”. That’s the only way I can configure to insure I don’t miss anything. When I place episodes in the queue, the counter showing episodes on the subscription page remains the same. Only if an episode in a podcast is actually played will this number change, and upon going to zero not display at all.

As I work through the different podcasts placing some in the queue and marking others as played so they no longer show, that same thing should be reflected on the subscription page. As I said I don’t care about the “new” status. That doesn’t work for me. When finished going through podcasts I’m left with twenty or so on the subscription page, but upon opening them they don’t list anything. I have already dispensed with them.

I started a thread a couple of years ago about this:

Please help us understand your usage model and what you’re trying to accomplish. There may already be a straightforward method of accomplishing it. In fact it appears that you had previously settled on a suitable method:

@Listener , I thought I put a fairly detailed description in my original post.

I think the problem is, on the subscription page, the only thing that affects the counter is whether an episode has been played. I would like “in queue” to also affect the counter.

When looking at a podcast it can be filtered to show not played and not queued. If there are no unplayed and no unqueued the counter should therefore be zero on the subscription page. This would allow the same filter criteria on the episode list to bubble up to to subscription page.

If you read the thread I started over three years ago it does not say what I’m saying now and that’s why the solution proposed there does not work. I finally remember to say something about it.

Since migrating to AntennaPod, I stopped downloading every episode for every subscription, and only download those I intend to listen to. I really like this.

When I have a podcast with unlistened episodes that I want to get to at some future point, I’ve created a tag called Backlog, and given it to a subscription or two. Thus I know that all subscriptions in the tag have episodes to go through, at least to decide if I want to listen to them.

This often happens when I pick up a new subscription, but don’t want to listen to everything.

When I’ve determined that there is nothing more to listen to, the subscription loses the tag and any updates cause decisions in the Inbox view.

Rinse, repeat. HTH!


Thinking about this issue, the subscription page counters should simply reflect how many episodes are listed for a given podcast. It’s confusing to speak of not played, not in queue, etc. If subscription page counters reflect episodes listed, regardless why they are listed, this would allow people to filter various podcasts differently. However individual podcasts are filtered, the subscription page would show that, and if no episodes are listed the podcast won’t appear.