Filtpodcasts marked favorite, organize

I am unable to find just episodes marked as favorite.

Would it be possible to just see podcasts I’ve marked as favorites, and then be able to sort favorites in different ways (by subscription, in date order, etc)?

Or to open a subscription, and be able to filter so that I only see episodes marked favorite in that subscription?

If these features already exist, and I’ve overlooked them in the app and this forum, can someone please show me how to do this?


You can go to Episodes → Filter → Is Favorite

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Thanks, that works!

One improvement idea would be allowing multiple filters, so that all favorites could be further sorted or filtered, by subscription.

That way, if you have a few hundred favorite episodes, it takes less time to find the one you’re looking for.

Should I be posting that suggestion elsewhere? If so, this is my first time in the forum, if you could point me in the right direction.

Thanks again.

You can already do that by using tags.

if you open the particular podcast, there is a filter button on the top that you can show the only episodes that are favorited.

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Thanks all! Opening up the podcast subscription and using the “Is favorite” filter works great!

Not sure how I didn’t see that earlier, but I appreciate you all taking the time to explain it.


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