Find episodes by topic (non-subscribed podcasts)

Is it possible to search for a certain topic in podcasts generally, not just the ones I have subscribed to?

For instance, in Podcast Addict, I can search for a particular term (say, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ - something relatively uncommon) and find dozens of podcast episodes that have that word in an episode title or description.

I can then download only those episodes, without subscribing to the podcast.

In Antennapod, as far as I have been able to find, it is only possible to search for podcast names (so, the podcast in general, not a specific episode), or for terms / subjects within the podcasts I am already subscribed to.

Correct - searching for a topic to find individual episodes (of podcasts you’re not subscribed to) is currently not possible. Until recently there was no way for us to retrieve any data per episode (except the ones of the feeds a user is subscribed to).

Now that we’re hooked up with the Podcast Index we can use them as a data source for individual episodes. That would actually be an interesting feature, but I guess there’s other elements that take higher priority.

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Ok, thank you!

I have to keep Podcast Addict for now anyway, because I have some podcasts / episodes downloaded that are not available anymore

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FYI If you know where your episodes from Podcast Addict are stored you could copy them into a folder and add this folder as a virtual podcast in AntennaPod to listen to them.

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