Finding my podcasts in antennapod

Many of my podcasts I’d like to subscribe to on AntennaPod, just give me an error when i click to open them (invalid token). They work fine on Spotify and Podbean. Why would they work on those apps but not on AntennaPod? And how can this be fixed?

Also, some of my podcasts cannot be found altogether from the search. I copy the names word for word and still can’t find them. Any tips? I see an option to enter RSS address. What is this and how can I find my favorite podcast’s RSS on Podbean or Spotify?

I hope someone can answer. Is there anywhere else to reach out for Antenna Pod support??

This means that the podcast uses invalid/broken XML. Contact the podcast creators.

If there is no RSS, it is technically not a podcast but some audio-on-demand service. Some of the “exclusive podcasts” don’t have an RSS feed and cannot be subscribed in other podcast apps. Ask the podcast creators for an RSS link if you are unsure

No, there is no other place. This forum is exactly where you reach out for support.