Folder for Queue

I would like to request the ability to put episodes in the queue into a folder. I like to add episodes to the queue to listen later so my queue ends up being very long so the ability to put episodes into folders to save to listen to later would be useful.

That’s not possible. The probably best solution for you would be multiple queue but it’s unlikely to be implemented soon. (It’s a long issue)

But why do not use your inbox to only keep episodes you’re ready to listen and them to the queue when you want to listen? Seems to me pretty similar to having a folder. Actually that’s what I do when my queue get too long.
If you want to download them all before hands you can disable adding to queue after download. Yet I am not sure if they will stay in inbox after downloading. (You could see which one are downloaded from download screen)

Thanks for the suggestion. I will give this idea a try and see how it goes.