Folder Logo as collage of subscriptions

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)
2.4.2 from F-Droid

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Folder Logos are currently quite bland

Suggested solution:
Make Logo of Folder as Collage of Subscriptions inside. Limit to first 4/6

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

If you’re talking about local feeds: an improvement was just implemented that creates random images, if they don’t exist yet.

If you’re talking about tags (they were indeed previously called folders), work is on the way to display them as ‘chips’ at the top of the screen, so that no images are needed to create ‘album covers’.

So I think your issue should be addressed sooner or later already (albeit differently from how you proposed).


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I have exactly the same request as the OP. i.e folder/tag images based off the tagged podcast images.

Did this ever get resoved? What are chips?

Sorry for the late reply @nab128. (Filter) chips look like this:

Google has described their design and functioning here: Chips – Material Design 3