Force download of podcast file already marked as downloaded

App version: 3.4.0 F-Droid
Android version: 14 LineageOS

Device model: Samsung S7 Edge HERO2LTE

Expected behaviour: reload missing files after reinstall and wiping of previously downloaded episodes and upload database settings, possibly a check option to make sure all downloaded file are still here, or any way to mass force download again of podcast files

Current behaviour: stop at each episode and need force download

First occurred: After reinstall of android

Steps to reproduce:

  1. backup antennapod settings
  2. Reinstall Android
  3. Reinstall antennapod
  4. upload saved settings

Environment: Reinstall new version of Android, so internal data have been wiped and downloaded files are gone

I see your point. It’s annoying, right!?

(This seems more appropriately a feature request, or bug report, than a call for support.)