Forum announcement of new releases?

What is the process for releasing AntennaPod and announcing it?

For the current version there was a forum post about AntennaPod 2.4 release notes back in September, but unless I am mistaken there has not been any official mentioning of 2.4.0 here since then. Now when posts appear from users telling they are running 2.4.0, it seems already two weeks has passed since its release.

I would hate to be someone suggesting to add administrative steps to anything. Yet wouldn’t we all love it if these occasions to celebrate were announced on the forum?

How feasible and desirable do we think it would be to get automatic announcements here? The forum is running discourse, right? In case creating a new post seems straight forward. (I assume the actual post content goes in raw?). Unfortunately all pages on seem to render to blank pages(sic.) in my web browser, but this marginally related post seems to suggest a github action triggering on release should be a possible way to initiate it.

Is this a good idea?

Hi @cos
Thanks for chipping in with the idea. What purpose would it serve, apart from ‘celebrate’? If it’s just to post a message to collect likes and thank-yous, however much appreciated, I think has limited extra value. A forum is a place to discuss, after all :slight_smile:

Indeed the release notes are shared here, because it requires a discussion and progress updates, for which we need some platform. Sometimes new threads are also created to provide feedback on beta releases.

But the actual announcement is done on our social media (and sometimes also on our blog). And in those public channels I would much welcome any celebration (as it might bring in new people).

Not saying I’m against the idea - if there’s a great idea or reason I’m all up for it.

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It’s been a while since logging on here. Sorry about my late reply.

To be fully honest, I was mainly seeing the suggested idea as a way to get the release notifications without needing to monitor another information source. You’re probably right though. The forum would risk losing it’s usefulness if bots started posting.

I did check the blog prior to starting this thread, realizing there was no announcement there. Following a low traffic blog to notice new releases would be nice, but the same reasoning against fully automated posts applies there. So unless one is into social media, the best way to know when it’s time to upgrade is to subscribe to the release feed?

And you can even add that… in AntennaPod!


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