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Hello AntennaPod developers,

I would like to suggest changing one of your forum settings. It would appear that topics are set to automatically close if there are no new comments within 30 days (or some other time frame). As a Discourse administrator, I feel in my forum it prevents people from continuing the conversation and expanding on topics or ideas that others may have forgotten about. Thanks.

I think most forum posts will be support requests. Having users post to a 2 year old, solved request is probably not too helpful. Maybe some categories like #project-management could be excluded from that setting. What do you think which categories should have auto-close disabled?

Just out of curiosity, what forum do you manage? :slight_smile:

Let me think about your question and I will get back to you about that.

Here you go.

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Nice, your community seems to be quite big.

I have disabled auto-close for every category except #support and #bug-report. How do you feel about the “solved topics auto close hours” setting? I think this could be a good compromise to not send emails to authors in years-old topics while still keeping the discussion alive.

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