French translation of the Website

Yeah, that will probably work. I was just thinking we should send translators a link to that preview

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Thank you very much!
Very good idea @ByteHamster, many times, certain sentences were not very suited to French. I think it will be easier to spot these sentences with a test version.

Of course there is no rush!
Thanks again !

I will take a look as soon as possible (when it’s possible to use the netlify option) and suggest adjustments to match terms used in french version of AntennaPod to avoid discrepancies.
I will also try to pay attention to wording / grammar / orthograph so we are as clean as possible. When you write a lot of things and reword your translation there is often some place you forget to adjust. (At least when I am the one doing this kind of things ! :sweat_smile:)


Awesome, thanks all! I’ll mention it when the preview is ready (first want to figure out some things with Weblate).


When you write a lot of things and reword your translation there is often some place you forget to adjust. (At least when I am the one doing this kind of things ! :sweat_smile:)

I see what you mean :smile:

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Just an update on the preview: yesterday I figured out that the translated pages are generated only for those languages that are listed in the website’s config file. I set this up on purpose for our own convenience. But this means that for pull requests those translated files are not available, and thus any preview would have the pages for the new language (here: French) in English.

Long story short: I will have to think a bit further how to get translations in to the preview, so it’ll be somewhere next week/weekend. Sorry for that.

Hi @Kusco, @Matth78,

Sorry for the long wait. There were a few obstackles to get the preview ready, but here it is!

Thanks a lot both :slight_smile:

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I just clicked around in the preview and noticed two things:

The breadcrumbs still use the English form. This might be a bug in the code, unrelated to translations.

French uses spaces before and after punctation. The space before should be a non-breaking space, though. Otherwise the layout could look a bit weird. I wonder how other websites do that. Maybe it is replaced after translating?

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Looking into it

I think that would be best fixed in the translations (on Weblate).

Another issue I saw: we use » to represent ‘then do’ in a series of steps. But this sign in French is used for making quotes. It has been ‘translated’ in kinda the opposite direction (from FR to EN quote mark), while it should stay the double arrow. I guess this is the work of Deepl :slight_smile:

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Could this be confusing to French users? Maybe we should use a simple arrow instead. An arrow is probably even harder to type on a keyboard than the French quote symbol, though.

Great job, thank you very much!
I’ll take care of that this week, I’ll let you know!

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I don’t know where to comment, so below my comments / suggestions.

It surely seems a lot but there was a lot of things translated… So I hope my comments don’t come as harsh.
I consider it inevitable giving all that you had to translate to have oversight or missing some things.
Quite honestly I tried to be quick to review it but even just reviewing was long !
=> so I really understood how much work you put in it and really a big thank you.

Maybe now that I have written it all I would suggest to look first at documentation.

- Homepage :

  • sans aucun intérêt commercial"
    I think it would be better to drop “aucun” or it would be more correct to say “avec aucun”, I may nitpick but when it’s written it may looks like a kind of double negation. Maybe “but commercial” could also be a better fit instead of “intérérêt commercial” . (Same for about page)

  • sans publicité → “il obtient 100%” what do you think using “touche” instead ?

  • to listen anywhere → “vous pouvez meme selectionner les podcasts qui doivent être”, my suggestion : “vous pouvez même sélectionner quels podcast doivent être”

- About :

  • “Au contraire, vous souhaitez commencer … automatiser le téléchargement ou la suppression”
    => I would reword it and make it a lot less litteral because I feel English wording is not so good in French, something like :
    "Au contraire, vous souhaitez commencer par trouver et écouter des choses intéressantes. Vous souhaitez pouvoir les organiser, règler la vitesse de lecture et automatiser les téléchargements et suppressions d’épisodes.

  • “Dans ce contexte … pour l’utilisateur final” :
    => not quite simple but I would advise to translate it this way :
    "Dans cette philosophie, chaque option ajoutée est un choix que nous n’avons pas réussi à faire. Cela signifie que nous forçons l’utilisateur final à choisir.

  • “Nous serons ouverts … offrir de la flexibilité à nos utilisateurs” :
    Here it really should be adjusted imho.
    => “Nous sommes ouverts à de nouvelles fonctionnalités, options ou préférences si cela offre réellement de la flexibilité à nos utilisateurs”
    Immediatly following I would suggest to start sentence with “Par exemple” (and not end with)
    @Keunes as a sidenote for english version examples should be adjusted because “local feeds” is actually “local folder” non ? And beside wouldn’t it be more acurate now to say “we have worked / implemented” ?

  • “Nous vous entendons … AntennaPod envoi … aussi avoir votre avis”
    I think you got a typo => “mais nous aimons aussi avoir votre avis”
    Should be => “mais nous aimons aussi avoir vos avis” and maybe better “vos retours”

  • “Il n’y a pas d’organisation officielle derrière lui. Il y a environ 3 personnes qui contribuent régulièrement au code, avec beaucoup d’autres qui contribuent de manière occasionnelle.”
    I would slightly reword, I don’t feel it’s too good. What is said is more difficult in French than in English
    => “Il n’y a pas d’organisation officielle. Environ 3 personnes contribuent régulièrement au code et beaucoup d’autres contribuent de manière occasionnelle.”

  • “Regardez les façons dont vous pouvez contribute si…”
    => “Allez voir comment vous pouvez aider si …”

- Blog :

  • You didn’t translate any of it ! (I’m kidding !!)

- Documentation :
I took a quick look all in all seems quite good except for these things :

  • Auto rewind / Rembobinage automatique :
    in app “rewind” is “saut arrière” because it’s apply to button,
    here I would suggest a slight variation : “Retour arrière automatique” so it’s stay relatively similar

  • Keyboard shortcut / raccourci clavier :
    As now rewind is more directly related to the button I would change all “rembobinage” with “saut arrière”
    and all “avancer” with “saut avant”

  • Queue list / File d’attente :
    In French “queue list” is “liste de lecture”
    In sub section there is also some “file de lecture” for instance in how to use queue list and multiple queue
    And in “Subscriptions”, listen without subscribing
    => all should use “liste de lecture” to be consistent

  • Tags / Etiquettes d’abonnement :
    Tags stay tag in French as it’s commonly used and a lot simpler since “etiquettes” is so long. (Same as streaming actually)
    Right know there is some place were (as in english) there is “folder” instead of tag but it’s something that it’s going to change.
    => Can you keep using tag / tags in French.

    There is also an error :

    • "Taper sur l’icone “notes” => in fact it’s gear icon, so “roue crantée” ? (don’t know, nothing coming to me right now !)
  • Feed updates / Mise à jour des flux :
    feeds should be plural
    new stayed untranslated

  • Create an open in AntennaPod / Créer un lien ouvrir :
    “Si vous avez besoin de notre logo, veuillez consulter notre référentiel de marque.”
    => “Si vous avez besoin de notre logo, veuillez consulter notre dépôt “Branding”.”

    In French repository is “dépôts” and for “Branding” I think it shouldn’t be translated as it’s the repository name.


Good point - I will change the English text to this:

We have recently introduced tags for podcasts and support for adding local folders, for example.

It’s great, thank you!
Did you change these things on Weblate or do you want me to it ?

Nope didn’t change anything as I thought you would prefer to. If you don’t mind could you do it?
If you need any help, no problem, tell me. Lately I don’t have much time still If there is need I would try my best to be as available as possible.

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It’s done! Thanks for your work!

Some notes:

That’s what I thought, I even added it to the glossary. But I completely forgot a part… thank you!

I wrote “roue dentée”, It’s seem to be used on internet.

@keunes I need you on this part.

Great job @Matth78,it’s great to have the right to a proofreading!


In English, ‘feed updates’ is one entity, and only the last word should be plural. But actually this whole article needs to be corrected in English: we don’t use the term ‘feeds’ anywhere in the app, and instead talk about ‘podcasts’. Will include it in this update, so you can leave this as is now on Weblate.

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Ok, @Kusco. I’m sorry, but with the English text changes & additions I’ve set the overall completion rate for French back to 76% :grimacing:

I went through the strings that ‘need editing’ (implying they aren’t new but have received changes). From there I could update 2 myself, and made a suggestion for one. I tried my best covering up for the ‘damage’ of my PR :smile:

As mentioned on the new Translate contribution page, I’ll happily launch the site in French if the General, Short strings and Documentation components are translated. The Contribute component could wait until a bit later if necessary (though for the announcement on our social media it’d be cool if we have 100%).

Sorry for this, and thanks a lot for your help!