Frequently not available in Android Auto

App version: 3.4.0f (5f5d744e7) NeoStore so Fdroid

Android version: 14

Device model: OnePlus 9

Expected behaviour: app available in Android auto

Current behaviour: app is not showing in the list on auto screen.
I have it in debug mode and it’s on my favorite in Android auto on thé phone.
Sometimes I need to open the app on the phone first but not active.

Since last two days, not available at all.

First occurred: nearly since beginning of first install a few months ago but worst this week.

Environment: android auto USB connected

I think that might be and Android Auto issue. This happens to all the Android Auto compatible applications that I install from F-Droid. When this happens to me, unplugging and replugging the phone results in the non play store applications appearing in Android Auto once again.

Sometimes it does but mostly not. It does help when android doesn’t want to start, mostly when car is turned off and on without unplugging the phone.

Now the applications is back but don’t know why. Except I rebooted the phone.