German podcasts not working


Needs a little more information!

What exactly do you mean by “German podcasts” - which ones?

What exactly do you mean by “not working” - please state clearly what is wrong


Thanks for your reply, the names of the podcasts are “Fest & Flauschig” and “WeltraumWagner”, both are podcasts from Germany in German language. If antennapod updates my list I get the notice “Downloads ends with errors - Download not available on the podacast server. Maybe it was deleted”, although new episodes are existing:

These are the links to the original podcasts:

Du kannst “Downloads → Log” durchprüfen, welche Episoden nicht heruntergeladen werden konnten.

Kannst du diese URLs in einem Browser anzeigen?

Funktionieren die beiden Podcasts bei dir? Wahrscheinlich nicht, denke es liegt an der Verbindung der App selbst zum Podcast-Server, was dann wohl vom Antennapod-Team gelöst werden könnt.

Ja, ich can die beiden ohne Problem herunterladen. Aber ich wohne in den USA, also es könnte ein CDN-Problem geben.

Hast du die URLs in einem Browser geprĂĽft? Falls sie nicht funktionieren, glaube ich, dass das Problem im CDN liegt.

nein, funktionieren nicht.

These are the links to the original podcasts:

Yes, those are the webpages for the shows, but podcast apps don’t use those URLs to find and download episodes. They use a separate URL (an RSS feed) to do this. For you, both AntennaPod and a web browser cannot load these URLs. So there is no problem with AntennaPod.

Podcast distributors use CDNs for global distribution. This means that the same URL is served by different webservers depending on your region. The fact that I can access these podcasts without any problems, but you cannot, suggests that this is a CDN problem.


Thank a lot for your explanations, but how can I solve the CDN issues?

I have deleted both podcasts and have installed “WeltraumWagner” again, which is now working, but I cannot find “Fest & Flauschig” in the search list anymore. My girlfriend has the same problems with another Android mobile.

CDN issues are usually brief and resolve on their own. There’s not really anything you can do about them.

The other link you posted is a Spotify link. The URL from the picture you posted earlier appears to be from a service that tries to get the RSS feed URL from a Spotify podcast. Spotify does not publish the location of its RSS feeds, because it’s a trash service that sucks. My guess is that whatever you used to subscribe to that podcast no longer works.

I did a search and found this page in Podcast Addict’s directory. There’s an RSS feed link there which might work, you can try subscribing to this feed URL:

perfect, thanks to all of you who tried to help me with this issue!

Und danke, dass du mir einen Grund gegeben hast, mein Deutsch zu ĂĽben :slight_smile:

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