Google Home Podcast choice

I was wondering if anyone knows how to select AntennaPod to be the default podcast player. Currently, you can choose Google Podcasts (which is useful since Google are done with that), or Spotify. They or I haven’t got the option even to select YT music which I thought was Google’s now offering to replace Google Podcast.

If anyone knows a way I would very much appreciate any help on the matter.


Someone asked recently about being able to play a podcast as an alarm. Your screenshot helps clarify that. I suspect it would involve AntennaPod being able to register itself as a podcast service.

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If anyone has any pointers, I (we) would be much obliged. I searched for info about this a while back but couldn’t find anything.

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I think I may have found the answer, though it’s not what I was looking for.

Link your podcast services and set your default

Listen to your podcast and pick a podcast service as your default. This default service will be used first when possible.

Note: This feature is available for Google Podcasts and Spotify. Listening to podcasts on your Google Nest or Home speaker or display is currently available in English only.

I.E.: Per this Google article it appears that only have built-in support for Google Podcasts and Spotify. The fact that half of that list (Google Podcasts) is now discontinued suggests this would be a good time for them to open the process to other podcast tools.


Might need to wait for Android 15 to launch to see how they handle it in that.

Option to select Youtube Music is now available!

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That’s great for YouTube Music users but this is an AntennaPod forum ^^

I think that was more as an indicator to show if Google are open to adding other apps to the list.although, of course, YM is their own app anyway.