Groups in Queue by podcast

I have over 200 of episodes in the queue so it is really difficult to select the scroll through all of them when I want to pick particular episode that I want to listen next. It would be extremely helpful to have ability to group the episodes in the Queue by Podcast so that you can expand/collapse them and then select the episode. This would avoid a need to scroll through the entire queue.

I suppose multi queue could address your need? But it’s a long standing feature request. :⁠-⁠\

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Yeah, multiple queues might be a solution. Otherwise I think we shouldn’t introduce grouping in the queue, @merlin. If you’re looking for an episode of a specific podcast, why don’t you go via that podcast’s screen (and possibly filter based on ‘downloaded’)?

Does not going to the episode list for the podcast in question go a long way to meeting this need? In effect this is where episodes are already grouped by podcast.