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Well, what a nice find this app is. I’ve been a user of Beyond Pod for many years and tried other players in that time but always went back to BP. I have now finally admitted that BP is really dead and I needed to lay it to rest. Which one to go for? I tried Pocket Casts again, but I just don’t like it and gave up - why is this app loved so much in the “industry”? So after a couple of false starts I came here. And here I will stay.
My OPML file imported and all my paid subscriptions came over nicely in that process, which wasn’t the case in other players. Also the easy reorder of episodes is just the same as BP. Happy time.


Really glad you managed to switch to AntennaPod without much trouble, I hope you enjoy it!

I’m in a similar situation. I had tried AntennaPod on a few occasions in the past several years, but it always seemed to lack a key feature (skipping beginning/end of episodes, for example). And I had other issues, like the app hanging/not responding during feed updates. So, I never stayed with it.

I’ve been a happy Pocket Casts user for years, but things have slowly stopped working over the past year or so. Episode-specific artwork stopped working, and some podcasts don’t show artwork at all. At the same time, Pocket Casts development has slowed down to almost nothing. I guess they just put out a beta within the last couple weeks, but prior to that the most recent release was a bugfix release in February. Not great!

So I tried AntennaPod yet again, and to my delight, not only have all the features I was missing been implemented, AntennaPod has actually surpassed Pocket Casts in a few areas. For example, local folders are supported much better on AP than PC.

I still wish all the UI buttons on the player screen weren’t on the same line. They’re too close for my big thumbs and I constantly worry I’m going to hit the wrong button. But all things considered, I’m very impressed.


I’m also new to AntennaPod, coming over from Pocket Casts. Pocket Casts used to be great when it was run by ShifyJelly before they sold it. (They also made the best ever weather app, called Pocket Weather, now defunct). It used to have lots of little features and UI setup that others didn’t have. Lots of those features are now prevalent everywhere and PocketCasts has not seemed to keep advancing.

I’ve found it recently very slow to start playing the next episode in the queue, and to struggle if there is poor internet connection (why? everything should be downloaded already…). It has annoyed me enough to start looking around and I found AntennaPod.

So far it works really well and does not suffer from the issues I’ve been having in the previous app.

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Just a little update on my AntennaPod journey. I now have everything set up just the way I like it - the granularity of the controls is great - and I’m not seeing any issues. Podcast apps are very much an individual preference “thing”. I have 28 subscriptions and AP certainly manages these well. I love the ease I can reorder a playlist as I’m constantly changing my mind about what order things should be, some other players add a layer of complication to this process but not AP!

I love the ease I can reorder a playlist as I’m constantly changing my mind about what order things should be

Yes, in particular I think that it’s great that you can move the current episode in the queue. It’s a feature that almost no other player has, and it has opened up new possibilities I hadn’t imagined before.

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I am liking this too. PocketCasts (which I was using previously) locks the currently playing item at the top of the queue which is sometimes awkward when manually rearranging.

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Yup, just switched from Beyondpod. It is finally truly dead. Amazed that AP is now everything that BP was in the past.

Great work guys!

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Does AntennaPod have a replacement for the BeyondPod SmartPlay queue? That’s the feature I really can’t live without.

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Hello musichem. Right now there is no support for multi queues and smart one and no ETA about it. You can follow issue 2648 which is related

I don’t know BeyondPod smart play queue but I guess it’s something similar as what was proposed in this comment. Sadly there is no news about igorregis who started to work on it. :confused:


He means this:

But yes, it is a multi-queues, plus automate add a file to your queue when empty system. For some, it is the only thing that keeps them using BeyondPod even if it is unsupported anymore and quickly breaking.


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