Heads up! I switched all "episod" to "avsnitt"

I flinch every time I see the Swedish words with “episod” in the app UI. To me that means having a bout in a psychiatric illness, or a section of a career (perhaps in the arts).

So I used Transifex to change them all to “avsnitt”. Cool?

Also fixed a few typos while I was at it.

Also, I tried but can’t seem to select the “swedish” tag on my post…

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Hi :slight_smile: What word do other podcast apps use?

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That’s now created and added

Google Podcasts uses “avsnitt”.

On the web Apple Podcasts and Spotify also use “avsnitt”.

Google Podcasts:

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Nice! Thanks for making it more consistent! Will be released the next time we pull translations, which usually happens before every (beta) release

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