Hello, i would like to translate to swedish threw weblate

HEy love your app and would like to translate it to swedish.

My username on weblate is SimonHeartwordshifty where you can see my translated projects if im you know a reasonble candidate, i translated, privacybadger, simplemobileapptools, some parts of mastodon etcetra so i think you will have no problem with me for the task. You know 65% of customers prefare to buy a prdouct on there motherlanguage so to spread this app so man and woman can receive this gift of Antennapodcast it needs to be in swedish also.
Email [redacted]

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Thanks for your message and your willingness to help with the translation of AntennaPod, really appreciated! To help translating the app, please contribute via Transifex, Swedish is already available. On Weblate you can help to translate the AntennaPod website. More information about translations can be found here.

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