📢 Help us spread the news: map blogs/podcasts in your country & localise the press release for AntennaPod 3.0!

Version 3 of AntennaPod is currently in beta. Hundreds of people are helping us test this new release on their devices. That means that we’re slowly but surely getting to release day.*

When AntennaPod 3.0 gets released, we of course want to get the word out to as many people as possible. As it is a major release, there’s plenty to tell to the world.

We want as many tech blogs, open source enthousiasts and podcast addicts as possible to talk about our new version. Not because of an end goal to get more users, but because all this publicity will help promote a true, open podcasting ecosystem that serves podcasters and listeners, rather than major publishing companies and walled garden providers.

So, to prepare for the big launch, we would like to do two things:

  • develop a list of outlets that might cover this new release, across a wide range of countries (for example those that have covered AntennaPod and its ‘competitors’ before)
    • you can add your contributions below - it’s a Wiki post! Just click on ‘Edit’
  • prepare a press release and get it translated in as many languages as possible

Do you want to help with either of these? Cool! Chip in on the post below or tag us on Mastodon with suggestions to share your outlets!

* No fixed date has been set. This all depends on the progress of debugging and other preparation.

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:globe_with_meridians: English (Global)

Free press release submission sites

:netherlands:/:belgium: Dutch

:fr:/:belgium: French

:de: German (Germany)

:switzerland: German (Switzerland)

:it: Italian

:brazil:/:portugal: Portuguese
https://manualdousuario.net (@ghedin@social.manualdousuario.net)

:costa_rica:/:es: Spanish

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How does one get the beta installed on one’s device?

(Note that in Google Play, I am a beta tester for Antennapod and have not had a update since version 2.7.1).

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3.0.0-beta5 was rolled out only to (a random) 20% of the beta testers. 3.0.0-beta6 is currently being reviewed by Google and will be rolled out to all beta testers. Might take a few days for them to review.

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