Hindi App Ready!

Hope you are having a awesome day!

I have completed the Hindi translation of the app. I want to clarify some information about the use of diacritics to the Hindi proofreaders, should I give them here? Also, I have a some questions about some strings, should I give them here, since I read on some blog that Transifex notification system is unrealiable?

Thank you so much!

@femmdi and @keunes

Hello, @femmdi and @keunes, I guess you missed my message.

Hello @keunes, can you please look at this issue? It’s been more than a month.

Hi, sorry for the late response. You can post your information/ questions here in the forum. For the clarification on diacritics it’s probably best to post them here and in transifex, as not all translators will be following the forum.


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