How do i create multiple playlists?

How do I create multiple playlists? The queue works nicely but I can’t figure out how to create multiple playlists to listen to different lists at different times? Is this possible?

Multiple playlists are currently not supported.

(And for sake of completeness, this has also been requested here: User Definable Queues · Issue #2648 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub).

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Hi! I’m a have podcast user and for the past 10 years I’ve been using BeyondPod (payed flavor) since I love the automatic play list sorting based on my preferences. It’s sound like the kind of feature on Issue #2648.
I mean, it’s more then just have multiple playlists, but also have the ability to configure a smart behaviour to each playlist, if you wish to.

I’m also a expreinced developer with some free time on weekends. I’m forking the project and will start playing around with it.

I’m very interested on contributing. If I feel I can contribute, I would like to singn up for this feature.


I am also hooked on the BeyondPod smart playlist feature, but the app unmaintained and showing its age. I’m surprised that no one else has implemented them. It’s really not much more than a priority queue with a couple extra options, like refreshing the queue when new episodes are downloaded.

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