How do I give a link to my podcast on AntennaPod?


I have a podcast and I see people are listening to it on AntennaPod. I want to make it easier for people, and include a link on my website that will lead them directly to the podcast on AntennaPod. I have this for all other podcast apps, and it looks like this: Google Podcasts, Spotify etc.

How do I do that? My podcast is called לשחק עם העובדות.


You can just link to the RSS feed. It will then be possible to click the link and directly open the podcast in any proper podcast app, not just AntennaPod (unfortunately, users seem to migrate to closed platforms recently - those usually don’t support proper standards). If your RSS url does not end with xml, it might happen that some systems don’t recognize it as a podcast feed. In that case, you can be more explicit and use itpc:// instead of http:// in front of the url (itpc stands for iTunes podcast but the protocol is still supported by most “real” podcast apps). Do you know the podlove subscribe button ( It displays a list of podcast apps when clicking, based on the device that you are using.

If you explicitly only want to link to AntennaPod, you can also use antennapod-subscribe:// instead of http://.

I have a link to the RSS, but I’ve found that seeing your app in the list and clicking it makes it easier for many users.

I tried antennapod-subscribe:// and then the RSS link but it didn’t work. Isn’t there a page on Antennapod where my podcast appears? like this one for Overcast or this one for Podcast Addict? I’ve found these for every other podcast app my podcast is on…

AntennaPod does not have a per-podcast website. You need to have AntennaPod installed for those links to work. This one, for example, I can click on my phone and directly get relayed to that example podcast: antennapod-subscribe://

Edit: Okay, so apparently this forum removes the link. It does work for me when added to a website, though.

I just added a website similar to the ones you listed. You can now simply make a link to


Looks good! Thank you :slight_smile:

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