How do I list podcasts by oldest first?

For any kind of story podcast you need to listen to them in the order they are published not most recent first, how would I have them sorted by oldest first?

have hundreds of episodes going to the bottom every time isn’t really feasible

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You can choose the sort order by going to a subscription, opening the 3-dot menu and selecting “sort”.

I have gone through a few options to get something similar. Unfortunately, the episodes screen does not have a sort option as this will resolve my issue easily.

However, there are two things you can do here:

  1. If you have one show that you want to listen to from oldest to newest, you can simply sort out that show by click on the 3dot menu and choose the sort option you want.

  2. You can add multiple shows to the queue. Within the Queue screen, you can select the sort option > Podcast Title > A to Z. This will sort out all the episodes in the queue by show name, but will also sort them from oldest to newest. You can do this to have a large queue of multiple shows sorted that way.

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