How do you delete a forum account?

Hello. I was wondering how you could delete a forum account.
Thank you. Have a great year.


In order to not destroy the context in conversations, users who have already created a number of posts cannot self-delete. That’s the decision of the developers of the forum software but I do understand their reasoning.

Would it be okay for you to be anonymized instead of deleted? Anonymized users are renamed to some random numbers and their personally identifying data (like email address) is deleted. The post content is kept – because it might help other users in the future.

Alternatively, your account can also be fully deleted if you want. Both actions cannot be undone.

In case someone else later finds this topic and also wants to be deleted, just send me a direct message (click my user icon and select “Message”) :slight_smile:

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Hello. The Antennapod community seems to be wonderful but I simply don’t have the time of feel inclined to participate further. I think that one less abandoned account is better for me. (And I can always create another account in the future if I change my mind, right? :wink:)
All I wish is the removal of my personally identifying data from the database, so your initial proposal sounds great to me.
Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply, and best wishes to all!

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You won’t receive a notification for this reply but just for completeness: I anonymized your account :slight_smile:

Sure! Don’t hesitate to register a new account in case you have any questions or feedback about AntennaPod :slight_smile:

But wouldn’t surprise me if the follow up request is for a new account to be linked back to their old anonymised account. Seen that happen in various places and times in the past.

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