How is licenses.xml updated

Hi all,

thank you for the project and work, much appreciated, i have been using AP daily for quite some time.

I am looking for a simple but working solution for About → Libraries/Licences page in our FLOSS project (Gadgetbridge) and i was wondering how do you update the licenses.xml file - do you have a script to do this? Or do you do it manually?

There is the AboutLibraries project with a gradle plugin which i could use, but it seems a bit too bloated plus it deprecated Java and uses Kotlin only nowadays, which is yet another extra stuff we would like to avoid from our builds.

Thank you!

The “licenses” screen in AntennaPod is pretty boring: licenses.xml is updated manually and the screen simply parses the xml and displays the items in a list.

Boring is good :slight_smile: . I have seen the parsing, that is simple. But the manual editing is something i want to avoid. The AboutLibraries gradle plugin collector seems to work OK and can be used stand alone, so the rest i will do in a simple, manual, boring :slight_smile: fashion of xml parsing. Thank you and good luck with the project!

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