How many podcasts you have in queue?

I have in queue around 1000 downloaded offline podcasts. This single queue is hard to manage, how many offline podcasts you have downloaded? How you deal with a big single queue?

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I only put episodes in the queue when setting up a listening session when going for a walk for example. So only a handful at a time.

About 50 now (don’t have time to listen). I’m grouping them by podcast, so is possible to easily skip to next episode.

If I could add tags (categories) to podcasts/episodes and use them to sort/filter, I would be so happy.

I usually have about 20 episodes in the queue. When I have more than 20 episodes, I am more picky adding new episodes to the queue because it is unlikely that I will actually listen to all of them in a reasonable time frame. When I have fewer than 20, I add new episodes that are interesting but not super-interesting :slight_smile:

From a technical point of view, AntennaPod is made for at most ≈100 episodes in the queue. If you have more than ≈200 episodes in the queue, certain operations in the app might get a bit laggy.

oh my 1000 downloads! :open_mouth:
I think I wouldn’t have enough memory on my phone by far! How much storage do you need for that?

I have set (well, kept) my automatic download cache to 25 episodes. As others said: I wouldn’t have time to listen to more than that anyway.

I have around 1500 downloads taking up 34GB of my 256GB SD card. Adding in my music library and other odd and sods the total in use is 111GB so less than 50%.

Currently 19 episodes, or 13 hours and 17 minutes. I aim at keeping the queue around four hours long, but in all honesty that seldom happens.

Around 10 to 15 episodes. Above I won’t put episodes in my queue. The one I don’t care I remove new flag and eventually I would listen to them if I have nothing else, the one I don’t want to miss I let them with the new flag.

I have 126 subscriptions, and when I first transferred from my old phone (rooted Blu Life One X3 with a really bad battery) to the new phone (Murena Teracube 2e with de-Google’d /e/OS Android 11), I had 797 episodes, most audio, some video.

I didn’t experience any lag, in fact AntennaPod is much quicker than Podcast Addict on my old phone, despite my using a root app to compress the database regularly on the old phone. Now I’m down to 20 episodes remaining, so my queue is almost empty. It will be by tonight.

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