How to recover lost data from corrupt sd card?

Sorry about having to ask this as I am by no means an expert. I had my Antennapod version 3.3.2 on Android 11 set for SD Card stoage. The SD card was corrupted and all files lost. My only option short of a new card seemed to be to reformat the SD card. I did that and it seems to be working. The Antennapod app is still on the phone, working, and queue is there. Episode files are missing. How do I get Antennapod going again?

Please? Surely someone knows more about this than me.

Not sure what you mean with “How do I get Antennapod going again”. If the downloaded files are lost, you can just re-download them.

Because the episodes were stored on the old SD card and that card was replaced, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what specific directory in which episodes should be stored. Do I do this manually outside AntennaPod or do I use AntennaPod to do the download? Where is that in Antennapod? All the Episodes tree in Antennapod gives me is an error message. Are the episodes stored in the file system or do I have to get them into a database somehow? How? Thank you.

I think you should download via AntennaPod.

Go to an episode trigger delete, it won’t do anything as episode is not on device. Then you should be able to download episode again.

Or long press an episode in queue and choose multiple selection to select all episode to download them all

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