How to side-load mp3 files of podcasts no longer available for download

App version:
AntennaPod version 3.11 (8073de55a)
from Google Play

Android version: from Settings->About phone:
Android version 12
security patchlevel March 1, 2023
not rooted, no custom rom
Internal storage: 128G, 99% used
SD card: 256G unused, pending moving AP from Internal to SD.

Device model:
Model name Galaxy S10 I’m told it’s an S10+ but Settings->About phone says S10
Model number SM-G973U

Expected behaviour:
I tell AntennaPod where to find the mp3 files on the phone, for “download,” or I manually place them into the final destination on the SD card, hoping that AP can be coaxed into recognizing them.

Current behaviour:
I haven’t tried anything yet, pending reading this forum. Everything I’ve read makes me skeptical that any of my ideas are possible without rooting my phone. I’d be willing to root the phone if I was confident that I could un-root it after this operation so that I could still receive security updates. I’m technical enough to describe myself as a novice, using Unix since 1980.

First occurred:
I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year; the need to move from internal storage to the SD card provoked the latest round of research.

Steps to reproduce:
hoping to learn something that will work

I manually delete episodes after listening to them, sometimes listening again many times. I often mark an episode as a favorite before deleting it, so that I can reclaim the space but still hope to know which episodes I may want to download again.

If what you want is load files from a folder on your phone then you can do that if you go to add a podcast screen and choose add a folder.
It would create something like a subscription / podcast from which you will be able to play your files.


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