How to Stream podcast episodes one after the other?

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App version: 3.1.1, from Google play

Would love to see an option to autoplay unplayed episodes from a podcast automatically rather than having to build a queue; very useful as a chronic binge listener!

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+1 for this - am relistening to a podcast back catalogue and would like to be able to set it to play, without disrupting my current queue.

Another solution could be adding the ability to make different playlists of episodes.

Agreed :+1:
I listen to go to sleep and if the podcast is relatively short…and ends…I pop my eyes open to tap the next one.

I’d prefer them to continue one after another.
If there’s a sleep setting, maybe they would run until the timer ends them?
I’ll have to check!
I do appreciate this podcaster though. I like the plain, simple style.

Totally +1 on this one. Advanced queue management (with or without playlist) management is one of the think I miss the most in AntennaPod.