How to sync with gpodder and general backup

This is by far the best podcast app I have tried. Thank you for creating it.

I recently lost my phone and the SD card inside it. I had not backed up my Antennapod data anywhere outside my phone, so I lost all of it. I’ve learned my lesson and I’d like to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I am not so tech savvy and need some help. Would it work to save my Database export file to Google drive for later retrieval? Is there any other suggested ways to easily save my data in the cloud? I’ve noticed something on the app about sync with Gpodder. Would this work to backup data? I’ve searched a bit for basic instructions about how to use this Gpodder feature (for dummies) but I haven’t found any. Where can I get Gpodder? It’s not in the Google Play store as I far as I can see…

Is this the best place to ask for basic support questions like these or is this forum meant for more advanced discussions? Is there a better forum or email to direct basic support inquiries like this? Thank you so much