I/O error on Wi-Fi

App version: 3.3 (Google Play)
Android version: 14.0 using CRDroid custom ROM
Device model: Moto G8 Plus

Hello, I’m having a very strange issue. AntennaPod works fine for almost every podcast I have, but I get the “I/O error” when I try to download Radio24 podcasts on every WiFi network.

So everything works perfectly except when AntennaPod tries to download:

  • A radio24 podcast (see list below)
  • On a Wifi Network

Every other podcast is downloaded correctly and also Radio24’s podcasts are downloaded correctly over Mobile Data connection.

Podcasts where I get the IO error:

I didn’t open a bug report because it seems to work fine for other people, so I’m asking for some suggestions. I really can’t understand how to fix it.

If you tap the error message, it should show more details. What does it say there?

Here the complete message:

Errore IO 

Ragione tecnica: 
Connection closed by peer 

URL del file:

The server closes the connection? I can download that file from my PC without any problem

Can you download that file from your phone’s web browser?

Yes, I’m downloading it right now from Firefox on my Android smartphone

Hello, I probably found the source of this issue: DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection.

I’ll check in the next few days, but everything seems to work fine by removing AntennaPod from the DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection.

After few days of tests, I can confirm this issue is due to DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection. Disabling it, all the downloads are now finished without errors


Thanks for getting back on this to let us know the culprit @thevenin!

Could I ask you to share a link to that app in the Play store? I’m wondering what the app does and if we should file a bug report with them. Mainly because it’s working fine in your browser but not in AntennaPod. (And I’ve seen some complaints about downloading via WiFi in Google Play reviews, now wondering if those users might be affected also by this issue.)

the app is the normal DuckDuckGo browser app:

In the app settings you can enable the Advanced App Tracking Protection

You can disable the tracking protection for a specific app, as I did for AntennaPod. When disabling a specific app DuckDuckGo asks if you want to report an issue. I reported the issue described here with a link to this thread: I hope they can check as well.

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Hi @thevenin
I just tried (had the DDG app installed but never activated it) with the podcasts you mention (Nessun luogo è lontano and Smart City XL).

I don’t seem to have an issue downloading & streaming, even when enabling App Tracking Protection. Maybe it was a temporary glitch?

I would recommend re-enabling tracking protection for AntennaPod again, and see if you still have any issues. If so, it would be good to report to DDG directly within the app:

  • Settings
  • App Tracking Protection
  • Under Manage: Having Issues?
  • Under Recent App Activity: submit a report-link

In the message field you should probably share the URL of the exact subscribed feed, which you can get from AntennaPod as follows (which I guess you have done already for you initial post here, but just to be sure):

  • Podcast screen
  • Info icon in the header
  • Tap the URL

Hello, I’ve enabled it again right now and tried to download the latest “Nessun luogo è lontano” episode: download failed. I disabled the tracking protection and the download worked.
I already reported it within the app. I hope they can find the problem.

Did you try using a Wi-Fi network or mobile data? I get this error when connected to any Wi-Fi network. On mobile data the download usually works (not 100%, but mostly)

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I tried while on my WiFi connection. Let’s hope they will be able to reproduce and find the issue indeed!

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:crossed_fingers:t2: thanks for your time and tests!

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