I want to have my favorite Subscriptions always at the top of the list

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)
2.1.1 from F-Droid

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I want to be able to favorite certain subscriptions so they always show up at the top of my subscription list.

If I sort the list alphabetically I have to scroll too much. If I sort it by the # of episodes played or downloaded that works better but over-emphasizes certain podcasts that publish bite-sized episodes. And then makes it hard to find my more infrequent podcasts. A podcast that publishes infrequently but which I always want to listen to will never show up at the top if sorted by # of downloads or plays, but I still would want to favorite it.

I subscribe to 50 podcasts, but at any given time there are only a handful of podcasts that are my favorites and that I listen to every new episode. I want to be able to “favorite” them and have them at the top of the list and the rest of the list be alphabetical.

Suggested solution:
Let the user favorite certain subscriptions. Like have an outline of a star on the subscription’s main page and if you long press it becomes solid and now that’s officially a favorite and will appear at the top of the list of subscriptions. Another long press on the star would unfavorite it.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

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I like this idea, I also have about 5 podcast that are must listen to and having them favorite and their episodes always on top would be nice when I have my queue sort by favorite podcasts would be cool

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I think this can be solved with the folder support that is currently being developed. You can then keep your favorite subscriptions in the main list and put everything else into a folder.

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Could use this too! For the time being my workaround is - perhaps also an idea for the OP, and sorry for stating the obvious:
Rename podcasts with a leading number (BASIC line number style so you can insert - yes, I am that old…) and sort by name, e.g.:
010. Must hear #1
030. Everyday
100. Once a Week
200. Just watching


Another workaround similar to the one by @aude would be to rename your favorites and just add an asterisk (*) in front. Those are sorted before normal letters


I’m trying this out now, because currently any podcasts I follow with CJK characters in the title are sorted to the end of the list otherwise due to the default sort, and I’d like to favorite the frequently-listened ones to move them to the top.

I really like it because it’s less obtrusive than a number in front, and even conveys the meaning of being “starred”.

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