I would like to automate some tests for AntennaPod in Appium

Hi there, I got connected with AntennaPod. I am a Software tester, with over 2 decades of experience. I would like to know if you need automated tests in UI/Features with Appium. Who do I contact for this?

We already use Espresso to do UI tests and Robolectric to do functional tests. To be honest, for now, I don’t really think that another test framework would really improve things. (Actually, I would rather try to migrate as many tests as possible to Robolectric because it is a lot faster than a full emulator).

However, if you are also interested in contributing to bug fixes or new features, your help would be very welcome

Thanks for chipping in @appiumguru with the offer. In order to support other activities (communications/promotion) I would be very interested in automatic creation of screenshots in all app language versions. Some more info here:

Is Appium something that could be used to create these localised screenshots?

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