Ignore "the" when sorting by title

App version: 3.1.1, from Google play

Problem you may be having, or feature you want: all podcasts that begin with “the” get alphabetized together, rather than being correctly sorted by the second word

Suggested solution:
Add an exception for podcasts that begin with “the” to be alphabetized by the second word

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

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If implemented then I suggest doing the same for podcasts called “A podcast about this or that

This sounds like it would behave in a very unexpected way if you are subscribed to podcasts in multiple languages. If you really want the article to be ignored, just rename your podcasts

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Yeah, any article at the start of a name shouldn’t be counted for alphabetization. Should also take into account articles in other languages for foreign podcasts

I was thinking, indeed; if we implement this, we should have a multilingual list of words to ignore at the beginning of the name. Based on translators’ input/community feedback we can tweak this list.
CC: @femmdi


A simple dictionary-based approach would create false positives, as the same word can be an article in a language, but not in another.

However, feeds’ language tag could be used to match podcasts with a subset of the list.

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I agree with @loucasal , it would need to be a list of definite/ indefinite articles by language. English is simple with only four (a, an, some, the). Shall we compile a list per language here?

I don’t think such a list works. There are words that are articles in one language but normal words in another language. We can’t just chop off every single word that could be an article in some language. We also can’t just only chop off the language’s articles because users listen to podcasts in multiple languages.

“Some” does not feel like it should be chopped off…

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I think the idea is to identify the feeds language first - using the language tag - and then check against the list of words to remove for this language. So we would only chop off “a, an, the” if feed language is English.

I think most feeds don’t have a language tag

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