Import issues with OPML

I have trouble importing parts of an OPML. I have many podcasts in there that are inactive and there rss feed migt even be down, but I still want them displayed in Antennapod. The OPML file is from itunes, so there even the inactive/mssing podcasts are in the itunes library. How can I really import ALL?

Sorry to see no one has answered until now, and this isn’t much of an answer either.

If I understand you correctly, the issue is that dead RSS feeds can not be imported in AntennaPod because they fail validation. Sure enough, it’s sad that it’s impossible to import the full history. But what would you suggest AntennaPod should do with dead feeds? Add them all with placeholder titles like Unknown Podcast (n)?

Actually, that’s exactly what AntennaPod 3.1 will start doing :slight_smile: See Always add feeds from opml, even if download fails by ByteHamster · Pull Request #6347 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

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Thank you, wen will this version be released?

Everyone involved with AntennaPod are volunteers, and the team is quite small. As a consequence of that, there are no fixed release dates.

Version 3.0 is currently being rolled out to beta testers. How long that phase takes depends on the number of bugs found. Once verified as stable enough, the actual 3.0 release will be made. Version 3.1 will be next up after that, of course.

Please feel welcome to participate in AntennaPod’s creation process. If you see anything you would be able to help out with.

Can you be beta testing with the F-Droid version?

Nope, that’s not supported (because it’s extra work while it doesn’t provide us with many extra useful crash reports).

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